Friday, January 21, 2011

First awesome post

Welcome to your wannabe no. 1 place where you waste a few minutes of your free time every day. There should be a shitload of metal related content piling up here with time, so while you are here enjoy this post and have some trash.


Country: USA
Label: Nuclear Blast
Formed in: 1980


1985 Feel The Fire
1985 Overkill [EP]
1987 Taking Over
1988 Fuck You [EP]
1988 Under The Influence
1989 The Years Of Decay
1991 Horrorscope
1992 Live To The Core [EP]
1993 I Hear Black
1994 W.F.O.
1996 The Killing Kind
1997 From The Underground And Below
1999 Coverkill
1999 Necroshine
2000 Bloodletting
2003 Killbox 13
2005 ReliXIV 7.2
2007 Immortalis
2010 Ironbound

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  1. Rare is the first post with content more than an introduction.

  2. this just inspired me to listen to infernal overkill for the first time in a looooooong time